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Top Jack Stands For Trucks

Jack Stands For Trucks ReviewsFor most people with an economy car or regular sized sedan, just about any jack stand will do. The light weight of the car and the low height make it easy for most jack stands to handle. Trucks on the other hand, should only be supported with specific jack stands. There are two reasons for this.

First, trucks tend to be heavier than most vehicles. Trusting a cheap jack stand to hold a few tons of weight above your body is just not a smart move. Second, trucks usually sit a bit higher than most cars. Having jack stands that can safely extend high enough to hold the truck is the best and safest way to work under the vehicle. And since most home mechanics don’t have a garage lift to keep their truck suspended while they work under it, a jack stand is the next best thing.

It may be hard to sort through all of the options out there for jacks that are both high-quality and have a high enough lifting height. That is why we put together a few good recommendations for strong jacks that can lift pickup trucks.

Here is a quick comparison chart showing our favorites:

Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand - 22 Ton Capacity
Max Height
19-2/3 Inches
Weight Capacity
22 Ton
Customer Reviews
Customer Rating
Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand - 22 Ton Capacity
Max Height
19-2/3 Inches
Weight Capacity
22 Ton
Customer Reviews
Customer Rating

Click the buttons above for detailed information about each product, or keep going for our review of each of the top 3 jacks stands for trucks.

1. Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stands

Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stands Review

The Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stands

Our top choice for the best product in this review is the Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stands. This pair of stands beat out the competition for two main reasons; they are high quality and very affordable compared to other products in this category. Beyond those two factors, we found many other things we like about them.

The Strongway stands are constructed with high-grade steel instead of aluminum, meaning they are capable of safely handling the weight of your truck above your head. The weight limit listed for this pair is 6 tons, which should be more than enough for most vehicles. These jacks are finished with a protective layer of paint that is resistant to oil and dirt, as well as rust. This will keep your jacks in commission for a long time. The double locking safety mechanism is another reason why this product stands out beyond the competition. Safety is the most important feature for jack stands, and these jacks meet that criteria.

Product testers and customers alike seemed to be very pleased with these stands. One purchaser commented “These jack stands are very high quality, especially for the price. I also like the added security of the locking pins, which most other stands in this price range don’t have. I highly recommend these”. The Strongway double-locking Jack stands are one of the highest quality sets out there, and is the lowest price of any of the stands in this review. It is everything that a jack stand should be, in an affordable package.

No products found.

2. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands Review

The Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

Our next choice in this review of jack stands is the Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands. While very similar to the previous stands, this set is made by Torin, and is slightly more expensive when not on sale. This is still a very high quality jack that will be more than capable of safely suspending your truck in the air.

These jack stands have very similar specifications to the Strongway stands, having a weight limit of 6 tons. The maximum lifting height is very close as well, with a total lift height of 20-1/2″. This makes these stands just a few inches shorter, which still should be plenty to lift your vehicle up. The construction is of high grade steel, and it has a welded frame that makes it very strong and durable.

While most customers were happy with their purchase of these jacks, some people reported the jacks arriving with compromised welds, so they should be inspected before they are used. Fortunately, the company currently offers a one year warranty so you don’t have to worry. Overall, this set of stands is a great product at a very affordable price.

BIG RED T43006 Torin Steel Jack Stands (Fits: SUVs and Extended Height Trucks): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red, 1 Pair
14,668 Reviews
BIG RED T43006 Torin Steel Jack Stands (Fits: SUVs and Extended Height Trucks): 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red, 1 Pair
  • Extended height, lightweight, steel jack stands; Sold in pairs
  • Lift range of 14" to 20-1/2" allows for higher clearance lite duty vehicles such as jeeps, SUV's, and UTV's
  • Saddle has a large surface area that provides better contact with the load being supported; Large foot base size of 8-9/16" by 7-3/16"
  • Constructed of high-grade forged steel with a welded frame; Single piece, self-locking, multi-position, forged iron ratchet bar for precise adjustments
  • Meets ASME Safety Standards and includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty

3. Omega 32225B

Omega 32225B Review

The Omega 32225B

The last item in our review of the jack stands is the Omega 32225B. Even though this was listed last, it isn’t the worst product in this review. In fact, it has better specifications than the other two. So why did we put this last on the list? These jack stands cost about 5 times as much as the others.

Why are these jacks so expensive? Take a look at the specifications. This jack is made with a heavy gauge steel construction with a sturdy steel welded frame that is capable of holding up to 22 tons! Backed by a set of heavy duty holding pins, this set can hold the heaviest of trucks without breaking a sweat. The Omega jack stands are so high quality that you will probably never need another set in your lifetime.

We don’t recommend this set of jack stands for the average person, but if you are seriously concerned about your safety, or lifting very heavy vehicles, this is the set for you. If you have a little extra cash to burn, then the pricey Omega jack stands are the best set you can buy.

Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand - 22 Ton Capacity
309 Reviews
Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand - 22 Ton Capacity
  • Heavy duty holding pins for adjustable heights
  • Large saddle securely supports load
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Heavy gauge steel frame helps prevent twisting
  • Height range of 13-1/3 inches to 19-2/3 inches

What makes a good set of jack stands?

When considering a jack stand, the most important thing to think about is safety. Every jack stand will probably be easy to use, so there aren’t many features to look for there. Since you are lifting a car or truck above your body, you want to make sure that the stands have the ability to safely hold the weight, otherwise the results could be deadly.

What makes a set of jack stands safe?

There are a few things to look out for to make sure that a jack stand is safe. First, the construction type makes a big difference in how much weight it can hold. Aluminum jacks will not be able to hold as much of a load as steel stands, and likewise a single-cast construction will be stronger than a welded one. Second, having multiple locking mechanisms can greatly increase safety. In the unfortunate case of one of the locks failing, having a second failsafe such as a locking pin will keep the vehicle from crushing you. Lastly, having a wide base adds a little more security to the stand. A large base will make it less likely that the jack stand will tip over.

How to safely jack up a truck

To safely jack up a truck (or any other vehicle), one must first make sure they have the proper tools in good condition, as well as a safe space to perform the work in. As far as the space goes, all you really need is a strong, flat surface like concrete, and a place where the vehicle will not be disturbed. Once you have these conditions, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Move the vehicle to a flat surface and put it in park, apply the emergency brake, then turn it off. If the vehicle is in neutral, the wheels may roll when you lift it up, which could be very dangerous.
  2. Jack up one corner of the vehicle at a time, at the jack points. Most vehicles have reinforced spots on the frame where the car is meant to be lifted up from. Use this spot when lifting up the truck.
  3. After jacking up one corner of the car, place the jack stand next to the jack and slowly lower the jack until the weight is off of the jack and on the jack stand. Make sure the jack stand is securely under the vehicle and the base is flat on the ground before moving onto the next corner.
  4. Lift the front two, then move on to the back two.
  5. Once all corners of the vehicle are on jack stands, inspect all four connections to make sure that everything is secure.

Truck Jack Stand Video

Here is a YouTube video showing how to put a truck on stands:

Always be careful when lifting a vehicle in any capacity. Not properly lifting a car or using cheap products may result in serious injury or worse.

If you need a something to lift your truck up with, take a look at our review of floor jacks.

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