About Us

I’ve been fascinated with lifts and hoists for as long as I can remember. My dad used to restore old cars and farm equipment when I was a kid, so engine lifts, come-along hoists, and other tools for picking things up were always around. In high school I worked summers in a paper mill, and got exposed to larger scale lifting devices. Chain falls, electric hoists, and motorized gantry cranes were necessary tools to move reels of newsprint that were sold by the ton. And to be honest, operating the hoists was always a fun part of the job.

liftedNow, as a father with a teenage special needs child I use lifts and hoists in a different way. I drive a custom van with an extending wheelchair lift, have two vertical platform lifts to move her from one floor to the next, an electric hoyer-style lift and sling to help her get out of bed, and an overhead track-mounted ceiling lift to get her from the floor into her wheelchair. Without these miraculous lifting devices my daughter would be severely limited, and my back would be shot.

So HoistNow.com is born out of my fascination and respect for these fantastic tools. Hopefully that comes through in the articles and reviews on this site. And if you have an interesting story, memory, or use for a particular hoist or lift please share it.