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Best Receiver Hitch Deer Hoists

Game HoistEvery hunter dreams about bagging that trophy buck, and the feeling that comes over you when you spot that monster with a huge rack through your scope is indescribably. However, after you’ve made the kill and the adrenaline fades the work involved in cleaning the game takes over. And one attribute universal to large deer is that they are heavy.

But have no fear – there is a hoist for that. Specifically, the trailer hitch deer hoist. These marvelous contraptions make hoisting your deer or other large game so you can dress it a cinch. Simply attach it to your trailer hitch, hook the deer to the gambrel, and use the attached winch to easily lift a heavy animal into position.

But like any good tool there are a number of varieties available. So keep reading as we review the best trailer hitch game hoists on the market, to help you make an informed decision.

Here is a quick look at the products in our review:
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1. Rage Powersports DEER-HOIST-SWIVEL 360

Rage Powersports DEER-HOIST-SWIVEL 360 Degree Swivel Review

The Rage Powersports DEER-HOIST-SWIVEL 360 Degree Swivel Hitch Mounted

Our top choice for the best trailer hitch deer hoist is the Deer-Hoist-Swivel 360 from Rage Powersports. As the name implies, this rugged unit pivots a full 360 degrees. That lets you to have the hoist face away from your pickup bed, raise your deer or other game off the ground, and then pivot around to lower the animal into the bed of your truck. Anyone who has ever tried to muscle a couple hundred pounds of deer up into a truck bed knows just how handy that is!

Another feature that helped the Rage Powersports lift earn our top spot was their use of a winch strap rather than a steel cable. The Deer-Hoist-Swivel 360 lifts an impressive 500 pounds with that strap, so it is no lightweight. But straps on this kind of a manual winch tend to lay flat as they wind, while cables can bunch and snarl.

Another nice feature of this winch is the adjustable height, which means it works for all manner of animal sizes and truck bed heights. It also comes with an extendable foot for extra ground support for the winch, to make sure it can hold a really big animal. And since it comes with a lift gambrel, you will have everything you need to raise that award-winning animal.

A perusal of the online comments from people who have purchased the Deer-Hoist-Swivel 360 show a high number of satisfied customers, with 83% giving it either 4 or 5 stars. And many of them are using the features of the Deer-Hoist-Swivel 360 with more than just deer – several owners bought the unit to help move heavy items like generators on and off their trucks.

Given the solid construction, excellent features, and competitive price, you won’t go wrong with the DEER-HOIST-SWIVEL 360 Degree from Rage Powersports.

Kill Shot Deer-Hoist-Swivel Deluxe Hitch-Mounted Deer Hoist with Swivel & Gambrel - 500 lb. Capacity
334 Reviews
Kill Shot Deer-Hoist-Swivel Deluxe Hitch-Mounted Deer Hoist with Swivel & Gambrel - 500 lb. Capacity
  • Swiveling hitch-mounted deer hanger for easy skinning, irrigating, and loading game
  • 360 degree swivel with 4 position locking pin system
  • Includes 24" gambrel and an adjustable foot to support hoist in hitch
  • Height adjusts from 86.25" to 95.75" with a 25.5" clearance from hitch
  • Durable, powder-coated steel construction with a 500 lb weight capacity

2. Foreverlast Hitch Hoist, 450-Pound

Foreverlast Hitch Hoist, 450-Pound Review

The Foreverlast Hitch Hoist, 450-Pound

The 2nd best option in our roundup of Trailer Hitch Deer Hoists is the Foreverlast Hitch Hoist. The Foreverlast has many of the same options as our #1 pick, but falls a little short in a couple areas that kept it out of the top spot.

Like the Rage Powersports hoist, the Foreverlast has the ability to pivot 360 degrees, making it a snap to move your deer up from the ground and into your truck. It’s weight capacity is a little lower than our top pick, but still claims to hold 450 pounds, which is plenty for most large game. And the solid construction means it will last through many hunting seasons.

The Foreverlast has a lot of positive online reviews, with 81% or respondents giving it a 4 or 5 star rating. While a few voiced concerns about the winch part of the unit, many lauded the Foreverlast for saving their back on both the hunt and at the farm.

Overall, the Foreverlast is a solid option if you are looking for help hoisting a deer this hunting season. And given that it is the lowest priced unit in our roundup, the Foreverlast Hitch Hoist might be the perfect addition to your hunting gear.

Foreverlast Hitch Hoist, 450-Pound
48 Reviews
Foreverlast Hitch Hoist, 450-Pound
  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • Helps make skinning and lifting game easy
  • Heavy-duty winch-and-cable system

3. Bigfoot Camo 600lb Truck Hitch Deer Hoist

600lb Truck Hitch Deer Hoist Review

The Bigfoot Camo 600lb Truck Hitch Deer Hoist with Foot Base

The third item in our review of the top receiver hitch deer hoists is the Truck Hitch Deer Hoist from Bigfoot Camo. The Bigfoot Camo hoist comes in as the strongest unit in our roundup, with a 600-pound hoist capacity. That makes it 20% stronger than the Rage Powersports hoist, and 33% stronger than the Foreverlast’s 450-pound rating. While any of the three will likely be strong enough to handle any whitetail deer you are likely to take down, hunters going for elk or other larger big game will appreciate that extra lifting power.

Like the other two competitors above, the Bigfoot Camo hoist allows you to pivot the lift once your game is aloft, to aid in moving into your truck bed. It extends far enough out from your trailer hitch to ensure your tailgate will lower, while other less expensive units might require a hitch extender. And like our top pick, the Truck Hitch Deer Hoist uses a strap winch rather than cable, to minimize snarling problems.

A review of online comments from consumers that have purchased the Bigfoot Camo hoist show a large number of them are positive, with 88% of respondents giving the unit four or five stars. Many of the positive reviews mentioned the strength of the unit, which isn’t surprising given the superior load rating. However, there were a few mentions of small tweaks needed to make the units function properly. The fact that no reviewer at the time of publication had given a 1-star review is a testament to the Bigfoot Camo lift’s quality build, but the mentions of minor adjustments were enough to keep it from scoring higher than third in our review.

All things considered, the Bigfoot Camo Truck Hitch Deer Hoist is a solid entry, and one that should be near the top of your list if you hunt larger game. While it is the most expensive in our list of finalists, all three of our units are priced within a few dollars of each other. And those will be dollars well spent if you land an animal too large for a smaller lift.

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Video On How To Make Your Own Game Hoist

Here is a YouTube video of a homemade game hoist:

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